Inexpensive and reliable branch office connectivity has always been a corporate requirement in demand. Traditional MPLS connections are expensive and organizations are shifting to more affordable broadband WAN options like cheaper broadband that can be installed in multiples at a fraction of the cost of a single MPLS line. As the broadband and leased lines are getting cheaper,  enterprises are finding it more and more compelling to migrate their corporate network to broadband networks by providing sufficient a back-up connectivity that can ensure their production connectivity is always up and running. Organizations require solutions that will elegantly handle WAN failures and outages and are looking for redundancy, routing, load balancing, failover and session preservation to ensure business continuity. There are other features also that are sought after by enterprises that JustiFi is offering to ensure an efficient branch office connectivity at a fraction of the cost.

Simpler branch office VPN Orchestration: VPN orchestration between locations is often complex and time consuming, so organizations are looking for tools to simplify and automate deployment and setup.

Simpler branch office WiFi Orchestration: Understanding WiFi performance issues and troubleshooting is a nightmare even for experienced professionals. JustiFi makes WiFi Orchestration of branch offices from HQ an easy and time saving process and with its easy to use UI, the performance info is at the fingertips of an admin facilitating quicker decision making. So, there is no further need to look out for tools to simplify and automate WiFi deployment, setup/reconfigure, monitor etc.

Quality and Visibility of Critical Applications: Organizations are seeking real-time visibility into application traffic and performance in order to maintain session quality of mission-critical business apps.

Fair Bandwidth Assignment: WiFi is an area where people can exploit the vulnerabilities of signalling for enjoying better bandwidth on their devices. JustiFi can fairly distribute available bandwidth among the users or client devices so that nobody is deprived of a fair bandwidth share.

Adware/Malware/Spams/Blacklisted Content: Protecting office workstations and user devices from spamming, Adware and other malware is very important to save productive work hours and also to protect expensive IPR of your company. JustiFi SD-WAN also allows you to centrally manage your branch offices firewall needs without the hassles of any complex firewalls and expensive network admins who are champions of proprietary technologies.

Quick Onboarding of New Branches: JustiFi makes adding and configuring new branches an easy task with its auto discovery feature and an intuitive, novice friendly and a simpler UI.

Policy Routing: One of the key SD-WAN objectives is application path selection and routing to ensure quality and minimize latency for mission critical business apps. JustiFi does this seamlessly from the central office at the touch of a button over preferred links via firewall rules or policy-based routing.Zero Touch Branch Office Provisioning: Be it your Branch office firewall, WiFi, Tunnels, onboarding of the firewall, managing new policies or a user or a WiFi AP or any other mundane admin activity, the central office can seamlessly handle it and make it ready for production within a couple of mouse clicks without getting into complex world networking.