School Dormitory Creates a Safe and Secure Wi-Fi Environment with JustiFi

At a large public school in AbuDhabi and Dubai, cloud based education
programs were being offered to students. However, the total cost of
operations were way too high with the LAN based networks and the school
was looking at alternatives to distribute content on WiFi.


The challenge was to cover WiFi capacity, coverage and continuity across the departments through an authentication mechanism.


● JustiFi Cloud Wi-Fi
● 60 TP Link + Netgear Wi-Fi APs


● Fast and reliable Wi-Fi service for students and staff.
● Visibility and control of the AP’s across all locations with the ability to review analytics to ensure that the WiFi is performing optimally.
● Ability to quickly provision value-added services such as captive portal login.
● Ability to manage without any special IT skills.
● Integrated Attendance and student study time monitors through WiFi splash page.

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