IoT adoption and better WiFi standards are fostering an explosion of networked devices. Around this time of the year, there are 17 Billion devices connected to worldwide networks today and is expected to increase to 27 Billion by 2021. As Wireless networks are getting better day by day in terms of connectivity, range, speed, security, most of these devices will be hooked to wireless networks rather than wired ones. As the digital life is increasing its expanse, no human being is left out from its reach. Day by day, we are being dragged closer to one or the other form of Internet usage and the most prolific way to reach out to the Internet today is the ubiquitous WiFi. The influence of WiFi is such that mostly we don’t use the term Internet or Broadband, while we tend to abbreviate it with the term WiFi.

It is very important to keep your children away from the exposure to the evils in the Internet ahead of time. JustiFi allows the customer to configure and block the evils on the Internet like adware, spyware, malware, phishing sites and other restricted content that is inserted to the regular traffic stream that you are enjoying.

JustiFi is capable of filtering out restricted content like adult sites and other unwanted advertisements that eavesdrop on a bonafide content. Another common threat that is increasingly becoming prevalent that gets you caught unaware is DNS hacking where it  affects routers and use it to divert your traffic to malafide servers which can intercept passwords and other valuable data from you.

Block just the unwanted content, don’t block everything unwantedly

While blocking unwanted content for children is important, there are four things that mostly we fail to achieve using normal routers in the market.

  • It is equally important not to block any content unwantedly.
  • It is important to block for the desired scheduled time.
  • It is also important to block for any particular devices as desired instead of blocking everything for everybody.
  • It will be very nice to have a preset scheduled blocking period for each device, each application or website.