JustiFi is capable of setting up and managing public WiFi. With its User friendly Captive Portal Login and Pre Authenticated Hotel WiFi management mechanisms, it is best suited for Hotel WiFi, Coffee Shops WiFi, public places like Arenas and shopping centers. There are suitable Workflows for Free and Limited Public WiFi with Multi Factor Authentication for User Login in cases like Service Apartments and other Urban Dwellings. The JustiFi admin can create Hourly, Day/Week/Month based plans and can also roll out Various roles for Guests with varying validity.

In some public WiFi cases where people need to create their own logins and enjoy using WiFi connections for some limited amount of time, there are provisions for user self registration.

The admin can do registration of new users, renewal of connections, manage quota (Time|Quota Based Session Management) and top up to control how the wifi is being utilized by various users. There are facilities of Quick on-boarding of new surveys, convenient reporting formats – graphical as well as spreadsheet based to understand the user base and monetize the wifi network with third party surveys.