“Across any social cross section, WiFi today dominates the list of essential daily comforts, perhaps because life is so reliant on being connected.” And rightly when WiFi has been termed an essential utility then why should you still rely on technically complex setups and IT intense management? It should have by now become a few simple steps or better still to a zero touch effort, like turning on the switch to a light bulb.  Unfortunately this facility seems to be limited and focussed only on the Enterprise WiFi while the Residential segment is largely ignored. This surely needs attention as residences are increasingly becoming akin to mini enterprises with so many smart devices streaming data coupled with the demands of quality of experience by home internet users. We often hear user dilemma like – How do I setup a network that supports all my devices safely and consistently so I enjoy a smart home life style? or How do I selectively manage my kids screen time without cutting off the internet to any other device in the network? The solution is ‘JustiFi’ – Residential Managed WiFi.

So what is JustiFi- Residential Managed WiFi?

JustiFi-  cloud managed WiFi solution is the simplest tool to unified network visibility and control and offers the following  vital capabilities: 

  • Single dashboard to View and manage all connected devices on your network
  • View and manage all routers, access points, extenders from one single control panel
  • View and manage signal strength for devices on your network
  • View and manage bandwidth consumption for devices on your network 
  • Selectively Control application level Quality of Service 
  • Manage guests on the WiFi network
  • Set foolproof , hard to bypass parental controls
  • Dynamic security policies for your WiFi network
  • Easy Meshing for seamless connectivity
  • Real time breach Alerts and key notifications 
Residential managed WiFi

Many of these features are being available in some shape or form, however the experience is strikingly different with JustiFi! Its easy, simple, affordable ,runs on a wide range of commonly available routers and doesn’t require any IT certification to navigate or operate. It offers you all the data you’d ever need to understand who’s on your network and whats happening on them at any time.With two simple clicks , you are set and in control of your experience driven home network!

Apart from being your round the clock home network guard, JustiFi prescribes to a AI driven data cloud that subscribers can use to optimize their network as it scales and newer devices keep getting added. For example, JustiFi mines complex data that indicate how to address a poor WiFi reception on a certain device or in some part of the house or indicate when there is WiFi interference on a given channel that might be hampering the quality of experience. Similarly, JustiFi also deploys a growing auto detection ability of blocking malicious websites and content and keeps your kids safe and prevents unintentional redirection to unapproved domains. 

Why you should consider using JustiFi ?

While, most other WiFi management services today are seemingly purpose built and focus on particular use cases, e.g. Parental Controls, cyber network security, meshing and signal extenders; they call for some or the other form of IT knowledge and special hardware requirements making it not so affordable for the common home user. 

JustiFi as a simplified software brings the best of all features you’d ever need to safely and simply manage your network that can be run on almost any commonly available router and its cost effective prepaid subscription model helps home users to enjoy the benefits without any overcharged upfront costs. Every control is a 2-3 step setup. From scheduling your kids screen time to guest access to change of passwords or addition of a new IoT or smart device. All under two clicks and without the need to be an IT expert! 

For us its not just about technology but largely about the user. Our aim is to make it affordable to every home and encourage a moderated wifi era. 

Consume WiFi, without getting consumed by it! 

Try JustiFi today to experience the difference. More details on www.justificloud.com or reach us on [email protected] (+917259505117)