How JustiFi Works

The JustiFi WiFi Orchestrator is built on a Software defined architecture and deploys a lightweight software agent, that runs natively on the Customers wireless router at their home or enterprise. The agent is a dynamic probe that intelligently and in an non intrusive manner, monitors the router’s state, wifi performance, device connections, user profiles and the net performance of the Internet connection. The mined data is securely and in realtime synced with JustiFi cloud servers where an orchestration engine manages the processing and analysis of the data set. Depending on the customers policy and rules set the orchestration engine applies various controls such as parental controls, QoS and bandwidth controls, rogue device management, Adware and Malware protection, etc . Customers get to operate their home or Enterprise networks via a highly simplified user interface .
In the case where service providers deploy the solution ,all necessary insights required for customer premise troubleshooting and user experience management are made available through an operator portal or accessed via easily portable RESTAPI’s .