IoT adoption and better WiFi standards are fostering an explosion of networked devices. Around this time of the year, there are 17 Billion devices connected to worldwide networks today and is expected to increase to 27 Billion by 2021. As Wireless networks are getting better day by day in terms of connectivity, range, speed, security, most of these devices will be hooked to wireless networks rather than wired ones. This will bring challenges in the field scalability, centralised control, security and visibility. Open workspaces and the need for mobility has further driven the need for ubiquitous WiFi networks and made the features – flexibility, resilience and security – synonymous with WiFi. The need for a centralised IT management for branch offices is further fuelling the need for a better WiFi management ecosystem that can surpass the movements like SD-WAN, CORD etc.

What are the needs of such a network management system? Can this network be policy based? Can this network be managing the branch needs from a central office? Can this tool be helpful in automating and outsourcing the entire IT administration job? Can a network be represented like a simple, easy to understand widgets without the associated complexities of the same? Can the reporting be so simple that a semi-admin can understand how the network performed through the past day/night? Can the network capture and analyze the user traffic to predict and heal itself?

There is an increased tendency to ignore the WiFi network (WiFi routers, wireless LAN controllers, associated security measures, the network planning etc) without actually preparing the network to accept the challenges associated. JustiFi actually helps you to use the WiFi network, without getting into the mundaneness of network planning and management.

JustiFi, policy based WiFi network solution offers secure, scalable, cost-effective wireless LANs for business critical mobility. A mobile user requires the same level of accessibility, security, QoS and availability, currently being enjoyed by wired network users.

The core components of such a network is

  1. A set of pre programmed, SDN and SD-Access enabled WiFi routers
  2. Wireless LAN Controller
  3. Management Software suite – Admin Portal, Enterprise User Mobile App, Enterprise Admin Mobile App

The following diagram illustrates the main components of JustiFi admin management software.