JustiFi, while managing the WiFi and administering the office network,  also gives a mechanism to launch 2 value added services to monetise the WiFi network

  1. Reselling or retailing of WiFi Network – The broadband or leased line Internet can be distributed in retail by using the vouchers which are loaded with pre activated data consumption (1GB, 5GB etc) or a pre loaded time limit (8, 12, 24, 48 Hours) that are suitable to the enterprises to retail in their areas. The consumption or time based vouchers will ensure the network is always under a fair usage while the individual enjoys the full benefits of an unrestricted Internet connection.
  2. Third Party product Surveys – There is an option for an enterprise to keep the wifi subsidised or free while loading the user with a survey of a third party product or service, which collects the results and generates MIS reports to show the feedback on the third party product. This gives an enterprise an opportunity to immediately monetise their vast customer base and collect and resell people’s valuable opinion. Creating/Modifying surveys and attaching surveys to various voucher categories can be easily  done from the admin’s portal or app which will make launching a new survey a quick thing. Various survey reporting is also enabled for quick MIS reporting about surveys.