Quality video streaming requires superior WiFi performance, reachable everywhere and should be able to handle many connections to accommodate many users. The Broadband or leased Network could have its own complexity with jitter/latency, higher round trip time, DNS issues etc to name a few while the in-home is also not free from hassles – number of users connected at the same time, the ability of routers to handle many devices simultaneously, WiFi signal strength or interference inside the home from other stray signals etc to name some.

Your Broadband or lease network could be excellent and your provider may be improving their network and catering capability day by day to provide a better solution each day to you as shown by the data below from a popular 2019 survey.

They may be improving the latency experience of their network to respond to the increasing demand from the data and streaming consumers.

See the practical country wise Internet speeds from a survey in 2019.

Although you may have a very good connection, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of it all the time because your WiFi is unorchestrated and your router interface has made it more complex than the original problem itself is, which scares you away.

You need an intelligent WiFi solution that tells you the signal strength, the loss if any, the reasons for it, and helps you to migrate your device connection to a less congested WiFi channel thereby achieving a better performance. JustiFi’s auto channel and band steering (* on selected router models) will help you achieve this.

Quick and easy bandwidth management interface that allows you to select and set the bandwidth allocation for the type of application of your choice (video, peer-to-peer, Video/Voice over IP etc), which is so easy to handle in comparison to an admin’s nightmare interface that we have been familiar on commercial routers.

The icing on the cake is that you can get this done on a router that you already have as we support many models and brands of routers that are available in the commercial market. All you need to do is to see if your model is supported by us (we support 6 popular WiFi Access Point Router brands and around 35 models out of them), download the correct firmware image from our site and flash it on your router, get connected and activate your license by a simple interface – you are done and are ready to enjoy a hassle free Internet experience, the way your ISP has designed it for you without your neighbors WiFi signals interfering or your non supportive router model of old era spoiling the experience.